The Blanks Model: A workshop for staff and parents

Speech, language and communication skills develop in everyday situations throughout the day at home and school. This is a workshop for staff and parents working with children in both Early Years and School Age. The Blanks Model is a widely used model to help us think about the types of questions and language we use when talking with children. We encourage the staff member to attend the same workshop as the parent of the child they are supporting where possible, though this is not essential.

By attending this workshop we hope you will:

  • Understand the Language of Learning Model (Blank’s theory)
  • Be able to identify the level of language a child can understand and be able to set appropriate targets where you have concerns.
  • Be able to adapt your language levels so that children understand what they are being asked
  • Implement strategies to support language skills at a universal and targeted level in your school/setting and at home

Entry Criteria:

Your child or the child you support:

  1. Has difficulties understanding spoken language e.g. following directions or answering questions.
  2. May have additional difficulties in expressing themselves.

How to Book

Places are limited to 25 participants per workshop and a maximum of 2 adults per child may attend together

We may be able to accommodate requests from settings for larger groups where necessary. Please contact the training team on to outline your requirements

Please note: As of 01.09.22 a penalty fee may be incurred for non-attendance.

Upcoming dates:

Early years & Key Stage 1

Date Time Location
Monday 24th April 09.30 – 11.30 FULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 16th May 13.00 – 15.00 via Microsoft Teams
Thursday 8th June 13:00-15:00 via Microsoft Teams
Wednesday 28th June 09.30 – 11.30 Via Microsoft Teams

Key Stage 2 – Key Stage 4

Date Time Location
Wednesday 8th March 13.00 – 15.00 via Microsoft Teams
Tuesday 9th May 13:00-15:00 via Microsoft Teams
Wednesday 21st June 09:30-11:30 via Microsoft Teams


To book a place please complete the booking form here.

Please note bookings for all courses will close 2 working days before the date of the training.