The Blanks Model

This is a workshop for staff working with children in both Early Years and School Age. The Blanks Model is a widely used model to help us think about the types of questions and language we use when talking with children.

By attending this workshop we hope you will:

  • Understand the Language of Learning Model (Blank’s theory)
  • Be able to identify the level of language a child can understand and be able to set appropriate targets where you have concerns.
  • Be able to adapt your language levels so that children understand what they are being asked
  • Implement strategies to support language skills at a universal and targeted level in your school/setting

Reasons to attend:

The child you support:

  1. Has difficulties understanding spoken language e.g. following directions or answering questions.
  2. May have additional difficulties in expressing themselves.

Dates & How to Book

This is a virtual workshop hosted on MS Teams.

Early Years and KS1

KS2 – KS4

Please note bookings for all courses will close 2 working days before the date of the training.